Corporate Governance

Fiscal Council

BB Seguridade has a permanent Fiscal Council composed of three (3) effective members and the same number of alternate members, elected by the Ordinary Shareholders Meeting for a term of office ending on the next Ordinary Shareholders Meeting. The powers of the Fiscal Council are those provided in Brazilian law.

The appointments for the Fiscal Council must comply with the following rules:
  • One (1) effective member and his alternate shall be appointed by the minority shareholders, according to Article 240 of the Brazilian Corporations Law (6404/76);
  • One (1) effective member and his alternate shall be appointed by the Minister of State of Economy, represented by the National Treasury Secretariat;
  • One (1) effective member and his alternate shall be appointed by the controlling shareholder, the Banco do Brasil S.A.
  Click here to read the Internal Rules of the Fiscal Council.
Member Position Election date
Lucinéia Possar

Lucineia Possar

Mrs. Lucinéia Possar holds the position of Managing Director at the Legal Department of Banco do Brasil. Between 2013 and 2017 she worked as Executive Manager at the same Department. She holds a Bachelor degree in Law and she is also a member of the Supervisory Board of BB Tecnologia e Serviços (Cobra Tecnologia S.A.)

Member 04.20.2018
Rafael Rezende Brigolini

Rafael Rezende Brigolini

Coordinator of Loan Operations at the Brazilian National Treasury since April 2006. Mr. Brigolini is also member of BB Investment Banking’s Fiscal Council since August 2015. He holds a Bachelor degree and a Masters in Economics.

Alternate Member 04.20.2018
Giorgio Bampi

Giorgio Bampi

Partner at PROBAM – Consultoria Empresarial Ltda (an accounting and financial consulting firm) since March 2010. In addition to the position held at BB Seguridade’s Fiscal Council, Mr. Bampi is also member of Banco do Brasil’s Fiscal Council since April 2015. He holds a Bachelor degree in Accounting.

Independent Member 04.20.2018
Paulo Roberto Franceschi

Paulo Roberto Franceschi

Partner at AUDICONTROL Auditoria e Controle (an independent audit and accounting consulting firm) since 1995. Mr. Franceschi holds Bachelor degrees in Economics and Accounting.

Alternate Independent Member 04.20.2018
Luis Felipe Vital Nunes Pereira

Luis Felipe Vital Nunes Pereira

Mr. Luis Felipe, since 2018, holds the position of General Coordinator at the Brazilian Department of Treasury. Between 2017-2018, he was economy advisor at the Chamber of Deputies of the Brazilian Congress, and between 2016-2017 he was a member of the Fiscal Council at Eletrobrás. CFA Charterholder, with a PhD and a Master in Economics and an Electric Engineering Bachelor Degree.

Member 10.03.2018
Fabiano Macanhan Fontes

Fabiano Macanhan Fontes

Managing Director of Business Solutions at Banco do Brasil S.A. since 2016. Between 2015-2016, Mr. Fontes held the position of General Manager at the Infrastructure Services Unity, and was Assistant Secretary in the Department of Economic Issues of the Ministry of Finance between 2014-2015. He holds a Master of Economic Development and an MBA in Agribusiness.

Alternate Member 10.03.2018

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