Corporate Governance

Related Parties Committee

The Related Parties Transactions Committee shall be composed of 3 (three) members eligible and removable by the Board of Directors, among which:

I - 1 (one) independent member, who may be the independent board member of Board of Directors; and

II - 2 (two) members appointed by other members of the Board. Being, one (1) of the members appointed among the Company's active employees or members of the Executive Boardand one (1) of the members appointed among Banco do Brasil S.A. (Controlling shareholder) employees, both with proven knowledge in the following fields: finance, accounting and/or Brazilian insurance sector.

The Related Parties Transactions Committee aims to previously approve all the transactions with related parties, as defined in the Policy on Related Party Transactions, as well as the revisions and termination of contracts between related parties and such transactions, revisions or terminations shall only be approved by the favorable vote of the independent member.

The term of office will be up to 2 (two) years, with a maximum of 3 (three) reelection, in accordance with the current regulations.

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Member Position Election date
Pedro Bramont

Pedro Bramont

Executive Manager of Finance and Planning at BB Seguridade. Mr. Bramont holds Bachelor degrees in Production Engineering, Computer Science and Business Administration, in addition to an MBA in Economics Engineering and a Masters in IT and Knowledge Management.

Member 09.26.2018
Isabel da Silva Ramos

Isabel da Silva Ramos

Analyst at Leste Investimentos since March 2014. Ms. Ramos held the same position at XP Gestão de Recursos between August 2013 and March 2014. She holds a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and an MBA in Finance.

Independent Member 09.26.2018
Marcelo da Silva Netto

Marcelo da Silva Netto

Executive Manager of Controlling Department. He has been working for Banco do Brasil since 1998. Previously he was Executive Manager of Service Network Unit and Division Manager of Controlling Department. He holds Bachelor degree in law, with an MBA in Controlling and Finance.

Member 08.28.2019

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