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Information to the Market - Appointments to Fiscal Council

BB Seguridade Participações S.A. (“BB Seguridade” or “Company”) hereby informs that has received today the following appointments of members and alternate members to the Fiscal Council as provided in paragraph 1, article 37, of the Bylaws, to be elected by the Ordinary Shareholders Meeting which will be held on April 20th, 2018 (“OSM 2018”):
  1. Leandro Puccini Secunho and Rafael Rezende Brigolini, appointed by the Ministry of Finance, respectively, to the positions of member and alternate member of the Fiscal Council; and
  2. Giorgio Bampi e Paulo Roberto Franceschi, appointed by minority shareholders, respectively, to the positions of member and alternate member of the Fiscal Council.
As consequence of the appointments aforementioned, the Company informs that has disclosed today a new version of the Management Proposal and the Remote Votting Ballot for the OSM 2018 which are available at the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (“CVM”) website and at BB Seguridade’s IR website > Documents and Annoucements > Shareholders and Board Meetings.

Finally, pursuant to the remote vote process provided by the Chapter III-A of CVM Rule 481/09 (“ICVM 481”), BB Seguridade hereby clarifies that the shareholders who have already sent the votting instructions according to the former ballot are allowed to change their votes until April 13th, 2018, which is the deadline for the Company receiving the remote votting ballots. To avoid any conflict between the former and the new votting instructions, the Company recommends that the shareholder send the new votes through the same service provider used before.
Brasilia, March 29th, 2018.
Werner Romera Süffert