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Information to the Market - State-Owned Enterprise Governance Program certification

In addition to the Information to the Market released on August 31st, 2017, BB Seguridade Participações S.A. (“BB Seguridade” or “Company”) hereby informs that, pursuant to the Notification 021/2018-PRE, it received from B3 S.A. – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão (“B3” – Brazilian Stock Exchange) the certification in the Programa Destaque em Governança de Estatais (State-Owned  Enterprise  Governance  Program).
To obtain the certification, BB Seguridade has fulfilled all the mandatory requirements of the Program’s Rules (“Rules”) and achieved fifty (50) points, out of sixty (60) points, of the optional measures, observed that:
  1. Regarding to the measure provided in article 16, item II, of the Rules, in case BB Seguridade identifies on its role new activities related to serving the public interest, it should (i) resubmit its Reference Form including those activities and the information required in lines “c” and “d” of the article 16; and (ii) update the Annual Public Policies and Corporate Governance Letter;
  1. B3 has considered as fulfilled the requirement of the article 25, item II, of the Rules, only for the current fiscal year, provided that BB Seguridade improves the content of the item 12.1 of the Reference Form related to the 2018 fiscal year, in order to make it clearer that the internal audit department has assessed the sufficiency of the Compliance and Risks department budget;
  1. The Company should fulfill all the measures provided by the Rules, including the requirement of the article 42.
In order to provide clarification for the market, the Company discloses, attached hereto, the Report and Decision issued by B3 (in Portuguese only), pursuant to Notification 131/2018-DRE.
This initiative reinforces the commitment of BB Seguridade and its management to the best practices in corporate governance field.
Appendix - Notification 131/2018-DRE - B3's Report and Decision
Brasilia, May 17th, 2018.
Werner Romera Süffert