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Information to the Market - Executive Officer election

BB Seguridade Participações S.A. (“BB Seguridade”) hereby announces that its Board of Directors elected today Mr. Pedro Bramont to the position of Chief Risk and Corporate Governance Officer to complete the 2016-2019 term of office.

Pedro Bramont is 36 years old and has been holding the position of Executive Manager of Finance and Planning at BB Seguridade since 2014. Mr. Bramont is member of the board of directors of Ciclic, Fusesc and Car10. Prior to BB Seguridade, he worked as Planning and Strategic Manager for Banco do Brasil (“BB”), as well as an advisor for several strategic projects, such as the constitution of Elo payment network and the acquisition of financial institutions by BB. He was also Superintendent of Planning, Strategy and Marketing at Banco de Santa Catarina. Mr. Bramont holds Bachelor degrees in Business Administration (UFSC) and Production Engineering (PUC-PR), in addition to a Masters in IT and Knowledge Management (UCB-DF). In 2013, with the article “Modelo de maturidade em Governança Corporativa” (“Maturity Model in Corporate Governance”) he won 1st place in the Corporate Governance Award – IBGC.
Brasília (DF), January 02nd, 2019
Werner Romera Süffert