Documents and Announcements

Beginning of procedures for the appointment of the CEO

BB Seguridade Participações S.A. (“BB Seguridade” or “Company”) hereby informs that its controlling shareholder, Banco do Brasil S.A. (“BB”), has submitted for the appraisal of the Casa Civil (Brazilian Executive Office of the President) the appointment of Mr. Bernardo de Azevedo Silva Rothe to the position of Chief Executive Officer, to complete the term of office 2016/2019.

After obtaining all the required approvals for the formalization of the nomination, it will be submitted to the Company's Board of Directors.

Mr. Bernardo Rothe has been with BB since 1982 and is the bank’s current Chief Financial Officer and Investor Relations Officer. At BB, in addition to the position of CFO, Mr. Bernardo Rothe worked as Head of Investor Relations, Executive Manager of Equity and M&A, Executive Manager of Private Equity and Head of the BB subsidiary in New York.

Bernardo Rothe is graduated in Management Processes by FGV, has an MBA in Capital Markets by FIPECAFI-USP, General Education for High Executive Officers by Fundação Don Cabral/PUC(MG) and TRIUM Global Executive MBA by New York University, London School of Economics and HEC Paris.

Brasilia (DF), January 7th, 2019.

Werner Romera Suffert