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Information to the Market – Changes in Board of Directors and Executive Board

BB Seguridade hereby informs, that its Board of Directors, in a meeting held today, decided:

a) due to resignation of Mr. Fábio Franco Barbosa Fernandes, dated 01.31.2014, and to comply with Article 15, § 1, item I of the BB Seguridade’s Bylaws, appoint Mr. Marcelo Augusto Dutra Labuto for the Board of Directors, to complete the 2013/2015 term.

b) elect Mr. Werner Romera Suffert to compose the Executive Board, to complete the 2013/2015 term. Mr. Werner Suffert is 41 years old, holds a BSc in Management from Universidade de Brasília, with a post degree in International Business from FIPE/USP and a MSc in Management from COPPEAD/UFRJ. Mr. Werner Suffert held the position of Executive Manager of Finance, Controlling and Investor Relations at BB Seguridade, and will be the Company’s CFO, pursuant article 23 of its Bylaws.

Brasília (DF), February, 07 2014.

BB Seguridade Participações S.A.

Leonardo Giuberti Mattedi