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Information to the Market - Replacement of the external audit company

Pursuant to CVM (Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission) Rule 308/99 (“ICVM 308”), article 28, BB Seguridade Participações S.A. (“BB Seguridade” or “Company”) hereby announces  the replacement of KPMG Auditores Independentes (“KPMG”) by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Auditores Independentes (“Deloitte”) for the provision of external auditing services from 2019 fiscal year on, considering the 5-year rotation period provided for in article 31 of ICVM 308, as well as the fact that the Audit Committee of the Company was installed after the beginning of the audit services by KPMG, what prevents BB Seguridade to extents the rotation period as provided in article 31-A of the same rule.

Deloitte will start their work on March 22nd, 2019, reviewing the financial statements of the 1Q19.

Finally, BB Seguridade declares that it has obtained the agreement from KPMG regarding the explanation provided herein for changing the auditor, pursuant to article 28 of ICVM 308, and would like to thank KPMG for the services provided in the last 5-years.
Brasilia (DF), March 21st, 2019
Werner Romera Süffert