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ESM 2020


CNPJ (Corporate Taxpayer Registration) 17.344.597/0001-94
Re-ratification of the Notice of the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting
Ordinary and Extraordinary General Shareholders' Meeting

The Shareholders of BB Seguridade Participações S.A. - a publicly held company - are invited to attend, at a first call, the Extraordinary General Shareholders' Meeting, to be held at Edifício Banco do Brasil, 14º andar, Torre Sul, auditório, Brasília (DF), at 3:00 p.m. on 04.22.2020, in order to deal with the following matters:
Extraordinary General Shareholders' Meeting
  • consider the proposed amendment to the Articles of Incorporation of BB Seguridade Participações S.A.
According to the Notice to Shareholders published on April 13th, 2020, the Annual Shareholders' Meeting, previously scheduled for April 22nd, 2020, is canceled.  

Attendance in Meetings: in compliance with Article 126 of Law No. 6.404, as of 12.15.1976, and subsequent amendments, in order to attend and make considerations in the Shareholders' General Meetings, the shareholder shall note that:

The instruments of terms of office shall be filled at the headquarters of BB Seguridade, at the Superintendence of Corporate Management, at: 3rd floor, Ed. Banco do Brasil, in Brasília (DF), preferably up to 48 hours before the Meeting. A copy of the documentation may also be sent to the following email:

For admission to the Meeting, the shareholder, or his/her legal representative, shall submit a valid identification document and, in the case of book-entry shares or shares held on deposit, a certificate issued by the depository financial institution.

If you choose to vote remotely, until 04.15.2020 (this day included), you must submit instructions to fill the form and send to the relevant Remote Vote Registry:
1) to the registrar of the Company's shares, through the entire Network of Branches of Banco do Brasil or
2) to their escrow agents who render such service, in the case of shareholders holding shares deposited in a central depository institution or, also,
3) directly to the Company. For further information, follow the guidelines established in CVM Instruction No. 481/2009 and the procedures described in the remote vote registry made available by the Company at

The documentation regarding the proposals to be assessed is available at the BB Seguridade headquarters, at the Superintendence of Corporate Management, 3rd floor, Torre Sul, Ed. Banco do Brasil, in Brasília (DF), on the investor relations page ( and on the page of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil ( on the world wide web.

Management Proposals

Remote Voting Ballots

Brasília (DF), March 20th, 2020.
Carlos Motta dos Santos
Chairman of the Board of Directors