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Notice to Shareholders - Procedures for the remote voting ballot

BB Seguridade Participações S.A. (“BB Seguridade” or “Company”), aiming the safety of its employees and shareholders in the face of the global pandemic caused by the new coronavirus (Covid-19), reinforces and encourages the vote at the Annual General Meeting (“AGO”), scheduled for July 29th, 2020 at 3 pm, via the Remote Voting Ballot. In this regard, the Company has made the procedures for remotely sending the votes more flexible, as follows:
i – the shareholders who choose to send the Remote Voting Ballot directly to BB Seguridade may do so until July 24, 2020, pursuant to the article 21-B, paragraph 2 of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission Rule Nr. 481 (“ICVM 481”), using the electronic mail (email) -, as provided in article 21-B, item I, of ICVM 481, or postal mail, as described in item 12.2 of the Reference Form; and
ii – the Company will not require the notorization of the signatures in the Remote Voting Ballot. In this case, the shareholder must send a color digital copy of the identification document, in addition to other documents required to prove representation, if applicable, to the email
It is worth noting that the shareholder who wishes to vote in person, or who does not meet the deadlines for sending the Remote Voting Ballot, may attend the meeting at the location informed in the Convening Notice at the scheduled time and date, subject the current sanitary restrictions on people circulation.
Brasilia (DF), July 14, 2020.
Erik da Costa Breyer