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Information to the Market - Change in the dynamics of the 3Q20 earnings conference call.

BB Seguridade informs a change in the dynamics of its 3Q20 earnings conference call.

In this quarter, it will be held one event in portuguese, with simultaneous translation to english. The date is the
same (November 3, 2020), starting at 09:00 AM (EST).

The event will be broadcast through the internet (webcast). The connection data is available below:


(click here)
(click here)
Dial-in (phone)
Brazil: +55 (11) 3137 8025
US: +1 786 837 9597
UK: +44 20 3318 3776
The audience connected through the dial-in number to hear the simultaneous translation will be on a listening mode only. The questions in english can be sent only through the chat tool available at the english webcast platform.
For further information, please refere to the IR website at
Brasilia DF, October 29, 2020.
Erik da Costa Breyer