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Notice to Shareholders - Appointment of minorities representative in the Board of Directors

A BB Seguridade Participações S.A. (“BB Seguridade”) informs that has received from minority shareholders the reappointment of Isabel da Silva Ramos to represent the minorities in the Board of Directors, as provided in the Bylaws, article 14, Paragraph 3.

The appointment is subject to the approval of shareholders in the General Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting (OESM) to be held on April 29th, 2021, pursuant to the call of notice and other documents disclosed in compliance with the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Comission (CVM) Rule Nr. 481/09, which can be found at BB Seguridade’s investor relations website (, menu ‘Documents and Announcements’, option ‘Shareholders Meetings’).
Brasilia (DF), March 29th, 2021