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Information to the Market - Change in the remote voting ballot

A BB Seguridade Participações S.A. (“BB Seguridade”) informs the change of the remote voting ballot for the Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting to be held on April 29, 2021.

The change was necessary to include the prerogative granted to the shareholders to express themselves on the interest of requesting the adoption of multiple or separate votes for the election of the Board of Directors, provided for in items 10 and 11 of the voting ballot.

The votes sent until this change were invalidated and the shareholders may, if they wish, send new voting instructions until April 22, 2021 (this date included). In order to avoid conflicts between the voting instructions, it is recommended that the shareholder send the new instruction through the same channel used before.
Brasilia (DF), April 1st, 2021