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Information to the Market - Clarification request from CVM - Press news


BB Seguridade Participações S.A. (“BB Seguridade”) regards the Notification No. 127/2021/CVM/SEP/GEA-1, sent by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Comission (“CVM”), asking further information on the press news  released on May 31, by the website “Estadão Online”, section “Economia & Negócios”, with the headline “Amauri Aguiar de Vasconcelos deve presidir a BB Seguridade” (Amauri Aguiar de Vasconcelos should chair BB Seguridade), clarifies that its corporate governance bodies have not received formal communication from the controlling shareholder appointing a new CEO.

The company has no knowledge of the news source and hereby reinforces its commitment with the broad disclosure of any official information, in compliance with the Article 3, of the CVM Rule No. 358/02.  

Read below the full content of the notification received, free translated into English.
Brasilia (DF), June 1, 2021

Rio de Janeiro, June 1, 2021

Mr. Rafael Augusto Sperendio
BB Seguridade’s CFO

Subject: Clarification request on press news.

1. We refer to the press news published on May 31, 2021, in the website “Estadão Online”, section “Economia & Negócios”, headline: "Amauri Aguiar de Vasconcelos deve presidir BB Seguridade (Amauri Aguiar de Vasconcelos should chair BB Seguridade)", which contains the following information:
“BB Seguridade, the insurance holding of Banco do Brasil, should have its CEO changed soon, Estadão/Broadcast learned. The main candidate to take the chair is Amauri Aguiar de Vasconcelos, former Executive Director of Economus, the pension fund of former Nossa Caixa employees, a bank which was acquired by Banco do Brasil in the past, as reported by two sources.”  

2. In the context of the press news, we have determined that you clarify whether this is true, and, if so, explain why you understood that it was not a Material Fact, as well as comment on other information that you consider relevant within this subject.

3. It is worth to note that according to the article 3 of CVM Rule No. 358/02, it is incumbent upon the Investor Relations Officers to disclose any material fact and act related to the issuer’s business, as well as ensuring its wide and immediate dissemination, simultaneously in all markets where company’s securities are admitted for trading.

4. Such response must take place through CVM’s system, including the full transcript of this notification. The fulfillment of the requests provided herein does not exempt the possible determination of responsability for the non-disclosure of a Material Fact, if applied, pursuant to CVM Rule No. 358/02.

5. We alert you that the non-compliance with the requests of this notification until June 2 will be subject to BRL 1,000.00 fine and administrative sanctions, notwithstanding the provisions of the sole paragraph of art. 6 of CVM Rule No. 358/02.