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Sumary of Decisions - OESM

BB Seguridade informs the summary of decisions taken on the Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholder’s Meeting, held on APRIL 27th, 2015:
Ordinary Shareholders Meeting
a)    Approved the accounts, balance sheet and financial statements related to fiscal year 2014 and to pronounce knowledge about the management report, opinions of the Board of Auditors and of the independent auditors;

b)    Approved the destination of the net income from the 2014 exercise and distribution of dividends corresponding to 80% of net income;

c)    election of the following Fiscal Council’s members to fulfill term of office 2015/2016:
c.1) Banco do Brasil representatives:
- Sitting: Antônio Pedro da Silva Machado
- Alternate: Ana Paula Teixeira de Sousa

 c.2) National Treasury representatives:
- Sitting: Luiz Carlos de Almeida Capella
- Alternate: Julio Cesar Costa Pinto

c.3) Minority Shareholders representatives:
- Sitting: Giorgio Bampi
- Alternate: Paulo Roberto Franceschi

d) the fixing of the monthly remuneration of the Board of Directors members and of the Board of Auditors members in a tenth of the average monthly remuneration of Executive Board members, excluding amounts related to additional vacation and benefits;
e) election of the following members of Board of Directors, to fulfill term of office 2015/2017:
e.1) The Company´s CEO:
- Marcelo Augusto Dutra Labuto
e.2) Minority Shareholders representative:
-  Isabel da Silva Ramos
e.3) Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management representative:
- Genildo Lins de Albuquerque Neto
e.4) Ministry of Finance representative:
- Marcelo Pinheiro Franco
e.5) Banco do Brasil representatives:
-  Raul Francisco Moreira, as Chairman
-  José Mauricio Pereira Coelho, as Vice-Chairman

f) the fixing of the overall annual amount of the remuneration of the members of the management bodies in R$ 7,372,225.46  from April 2015 to March 2016.

Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting
a) approved the Company´s Bylaws amendment.

Brasília (DF), APRIL 27th, 2015.

Werner Romera Suffert