Documents and Announcements

Summary of the Ordinary Shareholders Meeting

BB Seguridade hereby informs that the Ordinary Shareholders Meeting (OSM), at a meeting dated 04.30.2014, decided to:

a)    approve the management accounts and financial statements accompanied by the Management Report and the opinions of the Fiscal Council and independent auditors for the fiscal year ended 12.31.2013;

b)    approve the net income allocation for the fiscal year of 2013 and the distribution of dividends corresponding to 80% of net income;

c)    elect the following Fiscal Council members:

c.1)  Banco do Brasil representatives:

- Sitting: Antonio Pedro da Silva Machado

- Alternate: Ana Paula Teixeira de Sousa

C2) Brazilian National Treasury representatives:

- Sitting: Pablo Fonseca Pereira dos Santos

-Alternate: Júlio César Costa Pinto

 c.3) Minority shareholders representatives

- Sitting: Giorgio Bampi

- Alternate: Paulo Roberto Franceschi

d)    elect the Company Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Marcelo Augusto Dutra Labuto, as a member of the Board of Directors, under Article 15, § 1 (i) of BB Seguridade Participações S.A. Bylaws;

e)    establish the monthly compensation for the members of the Board of Directors and Fiscal Council in ten percent of the average monthly compensation of Executive Officers, excluding the amount expected to be paid to the Officers as variable income;

f)    establish the total compensation to be paid to the Management between april/2014 and the march/2015. The total compensation was limited to R$ 5,551,929.83 (five million, five hundred and fifty one thousand, nine hundred and twenty nine reais and eighty three cents).


Werner Romera Suffert