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Information to the Market - Decrease of relevant shareholding position by Lazard

Pursuant to Article 12 of CVM (Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission) Rule 358/02, BB Seguridade (“Company”) hereby informs that it has received today a disclosure letter sent by Lazard Asset Management LLC (“Lazard”) notifying that the investors who are represented by that asset manager decreased, on October 4th, 2017, in an aggregated view, its shareholding position to 98,006,702 common shares and Level I ADRs, or 4.90% of the common shares issued by the Company.
In addition to the ownership informed in the letter, Lazard stated that it does not hold debt or other securities convertible to BB Seguridade’s shares.
Lazard also stated that the shareholding position is strictly for investment purpose, aiming no changes in BB Seguridade’s corporate structure nor in its shareholding control structure, and that it has not entered into any agreement nor contract regulating the voting rights exercise or the purchase and sale of securities issued by BB Seguridade.
Brasilia (DF), October 5th, 2017.

Werner Romera Süffert