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BB Seguridade seeks to align its initiatives in social and environmental responsibility with the best market practices, in accordance with its Charter of Principles of Social and Environmental Responsibility. In addition, BB Seguridade also follows the guidelines adopted by its controlling shareholder, Banco do Brasil, provided in the Code of Ethics and Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy of the controller.

During 2018, through BB Corretora, BB Seguridade promoted actions to encourage the democratization of culture by its sponsored projects: “O Musical Mamonas”, “5X Comédia”, “Musical Popular Brasileiro – MPB”, “4th Festival BB Seguros of Blues and Jazz” and the art exhibition “Jean-Michel Basquiat” – elected by the audience as the best exhibition of the year in Sao Paulo, according to survey promoted by “Folha de S. Paulo Guide”. The event sponsored have free entrance or popular prices, and are distributed throughout the country.

The “4th Festival BB Seguros de Blues and Jazz” and “O Musical Mamonas”, brought Brazilian families to the big urban parks and provided, besides the musical performances, incentive to use these places in a sustainable way. With theatre sponsorships, BB Seguridade led culture to more than 25 cities in every regions of the country, also contributing with the goals 24 and 28 of the Federal Government's National Culture Plan and investing over R$10 million in 2018.

In every sponsorship, sustainable initiatives, such as tips for saving electricity and water, separating garbage and encouraging reuse of recyclable materials, as well as social quotas for tickets and accessibility, were pre-requisities for BB Seguridade support.

BB Seguridade still encourages and supports the projects of its affiliate companies, through the allocation of resources available for projects linked to the “Lei do Idoso” (Elderly Law), to the “Fundo Municipal dos Direitos da Criança e do Adolescente – Fumcad” (Fund for the Rights of Children and Teenagers), the “Programa Nacional de Apoio à Atenção Oncológica – PRONON” (National Program of Assistance to Care), the “Programa Nacional de Apoio à Atenção à Saúde da Pessoa com Deficiência – PRONAS” (National Program to Support the Health Care of Persons with Disabilities), the “Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte – LIE” (Sports Incentive Law), the “Lei Rouanet” (Rouanet Law) and the “Fundação para Infância e Adolescência – FIA” (Foundation for Childhood and Adolescence).

In the affiliate companies of BB Seguridade, the main actions related to the topic were:

Brasilseg and MAPFRE

  • Trainning: in 2018, 1,306 professionals (among employees and business partners) were trained in topics and relevant information on sustainability linked to the business. In addition, to promote environmental awareness and compliance with ISO14001 rule, since 2017 the e-learning course of environmental management has become mandatory for all employees. In 2018, 947 employees took part in the course, totaling approximately 3,872 employees since 2014, when it was implemented;
  • Reverse Logistics Project: since 2015, the Reverse Logistics project has been carried out, which guarantees the correct destination of insured electronics with an extended guarantee, reducing the environmental impact of operations and fostering the recycling chain. The initiative continued in 2018, sending 24 tons of electronics to the recycling, totaling more than 100 tons already destined in an environmentally correct way since the beginning of the project. In order to guarantee the excellence of the process, in 2018 an audit service was carried out as part of the risk mitigation process and incentive to the continuous improvement of the value chain processes, which registered a 45% reduction in the number of non-conformities in relation to the previous year;
  • ISO 14001 Certification: since 2014, the companies have been certified by ISO 14001. The main objective of the certification is to specify the requirements for the implementation of an environmental management system, enabling all organizations, regardless of their size, to develop sustainable practices in their businesses, products and services; and
  • Principles for Sustainability in Insurance (PSI): in addition to incorporating sustainability into its strategic decisions, the compay has always aligned its acts with international practices and principles, actively joining forums which addressess ESG subjects to business objectives. Since 2012, the company is a signatory member of the Principles for Sustainability in Insurance (PSI).

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In its role of changing society, in 2018, Brasilprev invested nearly R$5.5 million through incentive resources in initiatives that foster education, income generation and quality of life. The main projects were:
  • Area 21: For the second consecutive year, Brasilprev supported, through the State Council for the Rights of Children and Teenagers, the creation of a Laboratory of Creativity. The goal is to develope teenagers, who live in areas of vulnerability, into the skills and professions of the 21st century. In 2018, more than 600 students were benefited directly by the project;
  • Integral Health Project: the initiative was developed by the Pequeno Príncipe Hospital from Curitiba, recognized nationally for excellence in pediatric treatment, through the Municipal Fund for Children and Teenagers of Curitiba ("FIA/PR"). The project aims to ensure high quality medical care, strengthen family ties and promote educational actions for children and their families. In 2018, more than 100,000 people were directly or indirectly beneficiaries;
  • Life Projects at “Ponta do Lápis”: it has been held for nine years and it is recognized with the ENEF Seal because it is aligned with the National Financial Education Strategy (ENEF), the initiative aims to disseminate financial education concepts through lectures offered for free to society. Since 2010, more than 80,000 people participated, about 6,000 only in 2018;
  • Emission Inventory of Greenhouse Gases: Brasilprev annually prepares the inventory of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and monitors the resources used in its operation (electricity, air travel, freight and taxi services, etc.). Non-reduced emissions are offset by carbon credits from the “Cerâmica Lara” Project - Sustainable Carbon Project; and
  • Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI): Brasilprev integrates and subscribes voluntary commitments and agreements with institutions and organizations with which it shares principles and values in order to play its role as transforming agent in society. Among them are the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), since 2017

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In 2018, the investment made by Brasilcap in the social area totaled R$8.4 million, with a total of 208,140 beneficiaries. Among the main actions:

  • Principles for Sustainability in Insurance (PSI): the only premium bonds company in Brazil which is signatory of the Principles for Sustainability in Insurance (PSI). The performance of the company in relation to the principles of PSI was disclosed in a report made available on the website;
  • Brasilcap's financial education program, "Educap": a program that aims to promote the inclusion of financial education into the National Curricular Common Base, with a strategy to reduce the learning deficit in mathematics. The first project supported by the program, developed and managed in partnership with the State University of Rio de Janeiro, the National Association of Technological Innovation and the Institute of the Child, trained 1,116 people between August and December 2018; and
  • Donation to the Association for Assistance to the Desabled Child ("AACD"): allocation of R$5.6 million through the product “Parcela Premiável” to AACD, an institution of excellence in the orthopedic area, which provided 58,285 attendance in 2018.

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Updated on December 18, 2019.