Individuals income tax report

In order to assist with the completion of the Income Tax Form, we summarized the main information of the ‘Assets and Rights’ and ‘Exempt and Non-Taxable Income’ sections.

See at the end of this page more information on how to issue the Income Statement.


2023 Payments

Shareholders who operate through a broker can search for income information and loan reimbursements on the Electronic Investor Channel (CEI).

During 2023, BB Seguridade S.A. made two dividend payments, as per the following announcements:

Notice to Shareholders – 2H22 Dividends (09/02/2023)
Notice to Shareholders – 1H23 Dividends (07/08/2023)



On December 28, 2023 the shares were quoted:

  • BBSE3 – ordinary: R$32.42



Earnings Statement

Banco do Brasil, the current bookkeeper of BB Seguridade’s shares, is responsible for sending the Income Statement, according to the information provided by each shareholder’s broker. Therefore, it is extremely important that the registration is updated with the broker through which the negotiations are carried out.

BB Seguridade cannot issue and/or send the Income Statement to shareholders, this being an exclusive responsibility of the bookkeeper.