Sustainability in BB Seguridade

The insurance activity is intrinsically related to the maintenance of social sustainability by promoting risk management through the offer of solutions for assets, achievements, and projects protection and savings development, helping to create in the society a long-term mindset on the need to take care of today in order to enjoy a balanced and healthy tomorrow.

In the role of holding company, we appoint representatives to the various governance bodies at its investees, influencing and encouraging sustainable initiatives that are economically viable, aligned with good market practices, to support the allocation of resources to projects that aims the development of culture, social actions, and well-being.

With a well-consolidated corporate governance, the Company has been now shifting the focus to evolving the environmental and social aspects of sustainability. These approach led the creation of a strategic project that aims to integrate, consolidate, and accelerate the ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance – agenda within the group.

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Sustainability in investees


One of Brasilseg’s strategic guidelines is “To be a reference in sustainable growth”. The ESG management model practiced by the company focuses on understanding and analyzing the socio-environmental and governance changes that directly or indirectly affect business results and/or the company’s reputation. By integrating ESG aspects into the business and the value chain, the company enhances the socio-environmental risk management process and identifies new opportunities.

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Brasilprev understands that sustainability is a mean to add value to all areas that compose its business, as well as to act directly in the construction of a social security culture in society and to foster the creation of a virtuous circle of economic, environmental and social development in the country.

With this sustainable idea, the company has determined three strategic priorities for action: the formation of a social security culture, responsible investments, and responsible management. These priorities, when implemented in practice, within the different initiatives and projects, attest the company’s commitment to its purpose of “Transforming the way Brazilians prepare for their future, promoting sustainable development”.

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Brasilcap believes in the power of premium bonds to transform lives into a more sustainable future.

Since 2011, the Company has been consolidating its corporate sustainability management and its actions on environmental, social and governance issues. The effort includes investments, donations and support for external projects; financial discipline actions; initiatives to reduce environmental impacts; and participation in debates on sustainable development in the premium bonds segment.

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