Contact the audit committee

This whistleblowing channel is provided to receive reports related to the following topics:

  • Lack of compliance to laws and regulations;
  • Evidence of fraud or shortcoming in internal controls or financial statements;
  • Suspected corruption or ethical misconduct;
  • Internal and independent auditing activities.

If your complaint is not within the items aforementioned or if you intend to complain, ask an information or have any other query, please access the Ethics and Integrity Channel – Click here.

To ensure confidentiality, impartiality and independence in analyzing the information received, messages will be forwarded directly to the Audit Committee, which is composed by members without any subordination relationship to the Company’s Executive Board.

Confidential treatment of information and protection of the provider’s identity will be ensured, when requested.

The channel accepts the registration of anonymous whistleblowing, since it contains facts or objective information that enable the verification and identification of the specific elements denounced.

To send a complaint, please use the following form.

(Noncompliance with law, rule or norm applicable to the Company)

(Change in data or information for the purpose of covering up errors or tampering with a record in order to improve results or gain some illegal advantage)

(Unethical or dishonest conduct of an agent or person, whether or not linked to the Company, or any situation or action that may characterize a conflict of interest); and

(Conduct or inappropriate behavior, lack of independence or non-conformity verified in internal or external audit work)

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