Company profile


Guided by the mission – providing tranquility for people, today and always – and committed to transforming people’s lives through the best protection ecosystem, BB Seguridade is a public traded holding company which holds equity investments in insurance, pension plans, premium bonds and dental care plan companies, as well as in the brokerage business for these products.

Having the aforementioned commitment in mind, the companies of BB Seguridade’s group which operate the underwriting and accumulation businesses provide a comprehensive portfolio, with national capillarity and leadership position in segments that present high profitability and growth potential, such as rural insurance, life related insurances, and pension plans.

In the distribution arm, BB Seguridade controls an insurance broker, whose focus is the sale of products in the bancassurance channel, especially Banco do Brasil’s, where the companies of the group have exclusivity rights. The company has been also developing initiatives to explore other distribution channels.



Providing tranquility for people, today and always.



We transform people’s lives through the best protection ecosystem. We are a lean company that generate sustainable value.




We translate our integrity, transparency and competence into all the activities we carry out. We develop solutions based on customer’s wishes, combined with clear and accurate information at the time of purchase and after sale. We demonstrate to our shareholders the creation of long-term value in a growing and sustainable way, through an efficient and sound management, based on solid principles of governance, compliance and risk management.


We treat innovation as a service, which precedes reflection and understanding of who we are, where we are and what we should do or become. We use critical and creative thinking to keep pace with market changes. We embrace the empathic look to take advantage of the best opportunities the environment offers us, building what is new and relevant and transforming the way people live and work. Our main goal is to generate value by placing people (customers, employees and shareholders) at the center of our decisions. We work collaboratively, taking the best advantage of our multidisciplinary and complementary competencies.

Respect for the Customer

We see the world from the perspective of our customers, in order to offer the best solutions to meet their needs. We maximize the experience of our clients by offering a wide variety of channels of access to our products and services, including after-sales solutions. We value fair and courteous treatment, respecting consumer rights, and providing clear, reliable and timely guidelines and information to enable better consumer decisions and positive buying experiences.


We direct our efforts to what really matters without compromising value delivery to the customer. We save the organization’s resources by constantly redesigning and simplifying complex or over-operational processes. We consider simplicity as a vector for the agile operation of the company and the accomplishment of the work in a more intelligent way.

Ownership feeling

We act in the best interest of BB Seguridade. We are entitled to the autonomy with which we work, through accountability. We have proactive attitudes that add value to BB Seguridade’s business. We look at our ecosystem, looking for ways to put the strategy into action.


Reasons to invest in BB Seguridade

Defensive and resilient business model, with operational result growth even during cyclical periods
Diversified investment portfolio, with companies that occupy leadership position in markets with potential for sustainable growth in the medium and long term
Superior profitability due to an efficient management of the allocated capital, with high capacity to generate cash flow for the shareholders (payout)