Corporate structure


BB Seguros

BB Seguridade’s wholly-owned subsidiary, BB Seguros was created to hold the equity investments in companies operating the underwriting and accumulation businesses – insurance, pension plans, premium bonds and dental care plans. Currently, BB Seguros directly invests in Brasilseg, Brasilprev, Brasilcap and Brasildental.


Brasilseg is the outcome of the strategic partnership established in 2010 between BB Seguros and MAPFRE. The joint operation started in 2011 and will last until 2031. It was restructured in 2018, and currently offers life, mortgage life, rural, home and commercial lines insurances. BB Seguros holds 74.99% of the economics via 100.00% of the preferred shares and 49.99% of the voting shares.


Investee company which operates in the private pension plans segment, in a strategic partnership with Principal Financial Group. In 2009, this partnership was renewed for 23 years. As a result of this new agreement, BB Seguros increased its economic stake from 49.99% to 74.99%, holding 49.99% of voting shares and 100.00% of preferred shares.


Partnership between BB Seguros, Icatu and Aliança da Bahia to offer premium bonds. BB Seguros holds 66.77% of the economics, holding 49.99% of the compay’s voting shares.


In dental care plans, BB Seguros maintains a strategic partnership with Odontoprev. The company was created in 2014, through a 20-years term agreement, with BB Seguros holding 74.99% of economics and 49.99% of voting shares.


BB Corretora

BB Corretora is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BB Seguridade whose purpose is brokerage, administration, promotion and viabilization of insurance related products, being responsible for the sale of insurance, pension plans, premium bonds and dental care plans in bancassurance channels (Banco do Brasil).

Through a 20-years term agreement signed in 2013, BB Corretora use the physical, technological and personnel facilities of Banco do Brasil to execute its activities, in a low complexity business model with little capital needs. On the other hand, BB Corretora reimburses to Banco do Brasil, in variable basis, the costs incurred by him in the sales process.

BB Corretora also holds an economic stake of Ciclic, a digital platform established in a strategic partnership with Principal Financial Group to distribute insurance products outside the bancassurance channel and to diversify the group’s revenues. In this company, BB Corretora holds 74.99% of the total shares and 49.99% of voting shares.